Brand Tailored Promotions: Offer Exclusive Deals To Loyal Customers

Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions

Amazon has recently introduced a new promotional tool for brands that will help them acquire new customers. With this tool, brands will now be able to build brand loyalty and establish a strong presence on this platform. 

Brand Tailored Promotions are an exclusive solution that functions by offering promotional codes to potential buyers. So when customers find it tempting to use those codes for discounts, this will help brands establish a strong customer base and brand loyalty.

With Brand Tailored Promotions, brands can offer promotional discounts to their potential customers ranging from 10% to 50% off. These discounts can be targeted specifically for a certain group of customers. As a result, brands can increase their conversions and repeat purchases. 

Customers are restricted to redeeming the promotion only on a single purchase, which means this promotion is limited to one unit redemption per buyer.

Before this new tool was introduced, promotional deals and discounts were only offered to existing Amazon membership groups such as Amazon Prime, Student, Health, and Family. But now they can be offered to 6 customer groups.

Brand Tailored Promotions For 6 Customer Groups 

Brand Tailored Promotions enable advertisers to tailor promotional codes only to particular segments of Amazon’s customer base. There are six audience types that can be targeted for these promotions:

Brand Followers 

The first type of customer group includes the customers who have landed at your Amazon store and followed it for future reference. It shows that these customers are willing to buy products from your store in the future. So, targeting those customers with discounts will help to get conversions.

Repeated Customers 

The next type is the repeated customers who had a history of buying your product at least once in the last 12 months. Repeated customers are always most likely to make purchases from your brand when they’re given discounts and promotions.

Recent Customers 

The customers who have recently purchased your product are more likely to buy again. As they have recent experience, they would like to try another product especially when there’s a discount on them.

High-Spend Customers 

Some customers like your products so much that they purchase many products over time. It shows that your brand is providing valuable products to the customers for which they are coming to your store again and again. Considering that, it’s a good technique to target high-spend customers for Amazon brand tailored promotions. And for that, Amazon considers the customers who have spent the highest in the last 12 months.

Potential New Customers

This type of customer is those who have been through the sales funnel but couldn’t make a purchase for some reason. These customers have clicked on your products or added them to the cart, but have not purchased in the last 12 months

Cart Abandoners 

It includes those customers who have visited your product page and added products to their cart but abandoned them. For brand tailored promotions, Amazon takes those customers into consideration who have abandoned their carts in the last three months.

Wrapping Up: Brand Tailored Promotions

All brand owners registered in Amazon’s U.S. store under Brand Registry can now access Brand Tailored Promotions.

In the coming months, Amazon is looking forward to introducing this promotional tool to sellers in other regions i.e. Japan, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.

For more information, please visit the Brand Tailored Promotions Seller Central help page.

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