What is Amazon On-Box Advertising?

Amazon On-Box Advertising

Businesses are always looking for ways to sell more products and get noticed by more people. Sure, regular ads are okay, but sometimes brands need to try something different to keep customers interested. That’s where Amazon On-Box Advertising comes in.


Amazon started this amazing idea back in 2015. Instead of just delivering packages, they turn their boxes into special, branded packages that carry a message from the brand to the customers. 

This blog is all about what Amazon On-Box Advertising is and how it can make more people know about your online store! Let’s see how turning your regular deliveries into a fun brand experience can make a big difference for your business.

What is Amazon On-Box Advertising?

Amazon On-Box Advertising represents an inventive marketing approach that transforms the conventional delivery box into a vibrant advertising canvas. Originally introduced in 2015, this initiative emerged as an experimental avenue, enabling brands to infuse their delivery packaging with ad creatives and branded content.

The delivery boxes, essentially serving as miniature billboards, provide brands with a distinctive opportunity to connect with their audience precisely at the eagerly anticipated moment of package delivery. These on-box advertising campaigns showcase customized designs featuring interactive elements and experiential components, effectively turning the box into more than a mere container.

Collaborating with the Amazon Ads team brands craft visually engaging packaging designs that often incorporate playful doodles, interactive games, and enticing coupons. Customers are encouraged to share these unique unboxing experiences on social media, fostering increased brand engagement.

This form of advertising transcends traditional approaches by seizing the customer’s attention right at the doorstep, creating moments of excitement and anticipation during the unboxing process. To add an extra layer of innovation, Amazon Ads has introduced augmented reality (AR) experiences, elevating the physical-digital interaction for consumers.

As of now, Amazon On-Box Advertising is available in multiple countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan, India, and Australia. This global reach ensures that brands can leverage this creative advertising strategy to engage diverse audiences around the world.

Benefits of Amazon On-Box Advertising

Engaging customers goes beyond the product itself, and Amazon On-Box Advertising offers a unique avenue to create positive and memorable impressions. The integration of your brand message into product packaging becomes a powerful tool to resonate with customers, leaving a lasting impact on their minds. By turning the ordinary delivery box into a canvas for brand communication, On-Box advertising sets the stage for a heightened customer experience.

Here are a few benefits of Amazon On-Box advertising.

Benefits of Amazon On-Box Advertising

1. Elevating Customer Engagement through Unique Unboxing Experiences


Unveiling the potential of Amazon On-Box Advertising, this innovative approach goes beyond mere packaging, creating a positive and lasting impression on customers. By providing memorable and personalized brand messaging during the heightened moment of product delivery, brands like Whiskas have successfully transformed ordinary boxes into interactive experiences. For instance, Whiskas collaborated with Amazon Ads to design custom boxes that customers could turn into engaging structures like roller coasters, castles, or offices for their feline companions. 


This unique customer experience enhances brand recall, as these boxes direct customers to interactive online content, fostering a connection beyond the transaction.


2. Reinventing Brand Image through Visual Impact 


Amazon On-Box Advertising redefines the delivery experience, turning routine packages into surprising moments that contribute to a positive brand image. An example of this is Chevy, a car brand, which partnered with Amazon Ads to showcase their redesigned Silverado truck dramatically bursting through the sides of Amazon boxes. This visually impactful campaign not only captures attention but also leaves a lasting imprint on the customer’s mind, associating the brand with excitement and innovation.


3. Driving Online Engagement with Seamless Integration 


On-Box ads not only serve as eye-catching visuals but also act as effective drivers of online traffic and conversions. A prime example is Nintendo’s collaboration with Amazon Ads for Super Mario’s 35th anniversary. By creating custom boxes featuring Mario and Luigi and directing customers to a dedicated landing page, Nintendo seamlessly integrates the physical unboxing experience with online engagement. Customers can explore the franchise’s history and conveniently shop for related products, making it a strategic move to drive both traffic and conversions.


4. Capturing Diverse Audiences through Vibrant Campaigns 


Amazon On-Box Advertising emerges as a powerful tool to reach a large and diverse audience of Amazon customers. Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, for instance, leveraged this opportunity to promote the release of “Minions.” Their bright yellow boxes featuring cartoon characters generated excitement across different age groups, and customers eagerly shared their experiences on social media. This approach not only captivates diverse demographics but also harnesses the power of customer-generated content to amplify campaign reach.



5. Amplifying Brand Recognition through Creative Exposure 


Beyond the immediate transaction, On-Box ads play a pivotal role in boosting brand recognition by creatively exposing logos, names, and slogans to the target audience. L’Oréal Paris collaborated with Amazon Ads to feature their slogan “Because you’re worth it” and logo on custom boxes, enhancing brand exposure and recognition. This strategic use of On-Box Advertising aligns with a broader goal of reinforcing brand identity and values in the minds of customers, contributing to sustained brand loyalty.

How to Get Started with Amazon On-Box Advertising?

Benefits of Amazon On-Box Advertising

1. Check Eligibility


Amazon On-Box advertising is not universally accessible. Brands interested in this advertising method must initiate the process by checking their eligibility. This involves contacting Amazon to determine if the brand meets the criteria to participate in On-Box advertising campaigns.


2. Contact Amazon


Brands looking to leverage On-Box advertising need to reach out to Amazon to express their interest. Amazon’s advertising team will guide them through the initial steps, providing information on eligibility requirements and the overall process.


3. Confirmation of Eligibility 


Once the brand has expressed interest, Amazon assesses its eligibility for On-Box advertising. This evaluation considers various factors, and upon confirmation of eligibility, the brand can proceed to the next stage.


4. Contract Finalization 


Amazon and the brand finalize a contractual agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the On-Box advertising collaboration. This contract serves as the foundation for the creative collaboration between Amazon and the brand. 


5. Design Creative Messaging 


Brands, in collaboration with Amazon’s advertising team, design the creative messaging that will adorn the packaging box. This step involves conceptualizing and creating visually appealing and engaging content that aligns with the brand’s identity and message.

6. Amazon Approval
Before the ads are printed on the packaging boxes, Amazon reviews and approves the creative messaging. This ensures that the content complies with guidelines and standards, maintaining a consistent and positive customer experience.
7. Print and Distribute
Once the creative content receives Amazon’s approval, the On-Box ads are printed on the packaging boxes as per the contractual agreement. The branded boxes are then ready for distribution, contributing to a unique and engaging unboxing experience for customers.
Initiating an On-Box advertising campaign on Amazon involves collaboration, creative design, and adherence to guidelines, ultimately culminating in an enhanced brand presence during the delivery experience.


Brands should recognize that On-Box advertising primarily targets the post-purchase stage of the conversion funnel (loyalty and advocacy).


While QR codes on packaging can direct interested individuals to a storefront, the main impact of On-Box advertising lies in building brand awareness on a larger scale.


On-Box advertising brings together the best of online and offline brand interaction. With some strategic thinking, testing, and tweaking, it can become an integral part of your omnichannel marketing efforts!




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