Amazon Positioning: Why it’s Important for Your Amazon Brand?

Amazon Positioning

In today’s highly competitive era, many sellers struggle to position their brands on Amazon. But unfortunately, not so many of these brands have become successful. As a result, they face low sales volume, less brand visibility, and missed growth opportunities. 


Even though you have the best product, it’s not easy to establish a strong position on Amazon. With the right strategy, you can definitely conquer this marketplace and enjoy lasting success.


In this blog, I’ll discuss the importance of your brand’s Amazon positioning and how to build an effective one. Moreover, I’ll also share some of the most popular brand positioning strategies of 2023 with you so you can take some inspiration from them.


So let’s get started!

What is Brand Positioning?

If I define brand positioning in easy words, I can say it’s all about making your product or company stand out in customers’ minds. 


It's not just about telling people what your product is. Instead, it’s more about how customers see and feel about your product.


It means if you want to compete in the market, you must strategically present your company to potential customers. And more importantly, you must consider what you’re offering to make a strong impression on people.

Why is Brand Positioning Important?


There are several compelling reasons why brand positioning is important for your business. Let’s look at the most important ones.

  • Helps you achieve a competitive edge in the market.
  • Lets you connect with customers on a deeper level, building brand loyalty.
  • Gives you a better understanding of how to effectively promote and advertise your business.

How to Build an Effective Amazon Positioning for Your Brand


Building an Amazon positioning strategy for your product is an important aspect of your marketing plan. That’s the reason it must be carried out carefully. It all starts with determining your target audience. Let’s check out the important things you must consider for effective brand positioning below:

Your Brand’s Uniqueness


The first and foremost thing to consider is seeing what value you deliver to your target audience through your products or services. You can position your products and get a competitive advantage only if you have something unique to offer. You must be well aware of your competitors and how you are better than them. For that, you can conduct market research.


Marketize Your Brand


Your product is unique and delivers more value than your competitors; it’s time to think about how you can communicate it to your potential buyers. Choose the most appropriate marketing methods, channels, and tools to deliver your message. 


Use Metrics to Measure Brand Awareness


Though there are several ways to measure your brand awareness on Amazon, using metrics to get the exact stats comes on the top. Other ways include focus groups, surveys, or tracking how frequently people look for your brand’s name.


The most commonly used and effective method to measure brand awareness is metrics like web traffic data from Google Analytics. This method can save you plenty of time, which is required in other methods, such as asking your friends about a particular brand and collecting their responses.  

Best Practices for Building Your Brand’s Amazon Positioning

Amazon Positioning Best Practices


Keep it Simple


Simplifying things can make customers happy. Many shoppers get overwhelmed by too many brands to choose from. They like brands that make shopping easier and less stressful. To do this, understand what customers want and give them a convenient buying experience.


Also, having a clear and straightforward brand expression makes your brand stand out and highlights the important things. If you have vague information about your brand, customers might not remember or understand it well. So, it’s better to be specific about your product to create a unique profile within your market.


Focus on Customer Experience


Customer experience is vital for success on Amazon. They focus on excellent service, following the rules for a good brand-customer relationship. As a seller, you should monitor customer experience and use the data to improve your marketing. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, think about their expectations and actions, and fix any purchasing process, product, or service issues. Provide top-notch customer service to become a reliable brand customers can trust for any inquiries.


Optimize Your Store


Use general and search engine optimization strategies to improve your Amazon store. This means improving your product listings with the right keywords to rank higher in search results. It brings more customers to your store and increases sales. Pay attention to details like keywords, pricing, reviews, and images. Amazon offers extra services like A+ content and Enhanced Brand Content to make your brand stand out and leave a good impression on customers.


Market on Multiple Channels 


To reach more customers, use multi-channel marketing. People search for products on different platforms, so you should be there, too. For example, Amazon is great, but you’ll only see data from that site. To expand your audience, use websites and social media. Marketing on multiple channels gives your brand more opportunities. You can build a community and play a valuable role by educating and inspiring people worldwide. Some platforms offer cross-channel data so that you can use successful strategies from one platform on others.


Maintain a Competitive Advantage


You need to make your brand stand out to stay ahead of your competitors. Look at how other brands advertise and find what makes you different. Study your competitors to see what they offer, how they market to customers, and what customers think about them. Use this information to create a marketing strategy that improves on their weaknesses. Be a brand that satisfies customers through lower prices or better quality. Make an emotional connection with customers by adding a personal touch to your marketing.


The Most Popular Amazon Positioning Strategies in 2023

Amazon Positioning Strategies


Every year, there’s a new way to make a difference in this big marketplace where sellers try different strategies to position themselves and get a competitive advantage. Let’s check out some of the most popular strategies of this year.


Go Beyond the Ordinary


Unique branding imagery is now the latest brand positioning strategy of most selling brands on Amazon in 2023. As the new generation is more attracted to visuals, an effective strategy must include compelling graphics and videos to communicate the brand’s voice. 


So, the major concern is to mark a lasting impression in the buyers’ minds, so they remember your brand even by visiting your Amazon store once. Just be a little more concerned about not going overboard or overcommitting something so you don’t get customer complaints in the future.


Value Over Style


Considering what we discussed above, it doesn’t mean we have to focus a lot on visuals and style without giving out the true value to the buyers. It’s simple, your brand cannot be successful if your products do not give value to the buyer and just focus on making an impression. 


After all, customers want your products to solve their problems or what they are looking for in your product. And in any case, if you have so much to show but that’s not actually what you’re providing them, your strategy won’t help you. Because it all boils down to one thing: DELIVERING VALUE!


Conducting Audience Research


When building an Amazon positioning strategy for your brand, one of the most critical factors to consider is how you conduct audience research. And for that, it’s important to understand what people are looking for and how your product can help them. 


Looking at customer insights will help you significantly find the unique product that gives buyers the value they are looking for. And that’s how you get a competitive edge!


Price Based Positioning


Another popular brand positioning strategy is price based positioning. In this positioning strategy, you sell your products at a low competitive price. And so, people prefer your products over other competitors. This strategy is often used by new brands who want to penetrate the market.


Product Characteristics Based Positioning


It’s another strategy for positioning your brand on Amazon this year. It primarily focuses on highlighting the unique aspects of your products. You can use multiple channels to communicate your voice and inform potential buyers how your product is different from others and how it will benefit them. 


Competition Based Positioning


It’s also important to highlight your business’s main aspects that make it unique as compared to other brands on Amazon. Let’s say your brand offers a wide variety of products, be it colors, sizes, or anything, and you know it’s your unique selling point (USP); then you must marketize it. 


Your Amazon store must reflect those factors; add it to the title, bullet points, listing images, and A+ content. 


Quality Based Positioning


As a simple business rule, your brand cannot be successful if your products are not of high quality. So, in this strategy, you try to compete in the market with quality being your selling point. 


And to execute this strategy, you must show how you deliver high-quality products. For example, you can tell what materials are sourced, how the products are manufactured, and what processes you have followed to make the products last longer.


Product Application Positioning


As the name suggests, this Amazon positioning strategy focuses on specific uses your product offers to the buyers. For example, if you have an athletic clothing brand, you can position your brand as one that offers workout clothes. You can also highlight its main features, such as moisture-wicking, machine-washable, lightweight, etc., that are great specifically for workouts. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is positioning important for brands on Amazon?

On Amazon, positioning is important for brands because the platform is highly competitive with a huge number of sellers. Effective positioning helps brands differentiate themselves from the competition. It also helps them to communicate their unique value proposition to potential buyers. Moreover, brands can develop a strong identity and reputation. And it will help them to increase visibility, customer trust, and higher sales.


What is the brand positioning process?

The brand positioning process involves the following:

  • Market research 
  • Understanding the target audience
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Identifying the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Crafting clear brand messaging
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring and adapting as needed


What are the characteristics of good brand positioning?

Good brand positioning is relevant to the target audience, highlights the brand’s unique features, and evokes positive emotions while being consistent across all communications. It should be credible, memorable, and customer-focused, providing a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Position Your Brand on Amazon for Success Today


So now you understand why brand positioning is important for your brand’s success on Amazon. Undoubtedly, it’s a great way to boost your success on this huge platform with many competitors. 


But the right strategy comes with the right guidance from someone experienced in this industry. If you’re facing difficulties in making more sales on Amazon, you can always count on us to build the best strategy for your brand. 


With our wide range of services required for your brand to be successful on Amazon, you will see a remarkable surge in your sales and revenue. 


So, contact us today and let us help you!


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