Amazon’s New Preset Campaign Settings for Your Sponsored Products

Amazon Preset Campaign Settings

As an Amazon seller, you’re constantly seeking ways to enhance your advertising strategies and boost the visibility of your products. 


Sponsored Products, operating on a cost-per-click (CPC) model, have proven to be an effective tool for reaching potential buyers. With just a few clicks, you can set up your campaigns and start driving traffic to your product listings.


But what if we told you there’s now a way to take your Sponsored Products launches to the next level? Amazon has recently introduced an exciting new feature – preset campaign settings – designed to streamline and optimize your advertising efforts. These presets make your life easier and your campaigns more successful.


This blog will discuss Sponsored Products and explore how these innovative presets can transform your advertising experience. Discover what’s new it’s offering you, why you should use these presets, and what benefits they offer you as an Amazon seller. 


But before we move on to talking about this feature, let’s understand sponsored products first.

What are Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Products are a type of advertising format on Amazon that operates on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. Amazon has designed this amazing feature to promote specific product listings, allowing sellers to increase the visibility of their products to potential buyers. The process of creating a Sponsored Products campaign is straightforward and quick. It takes only a few minutes to set up even if you’re new to this and never run an advertising campaign before.


Sellers can select the products they want to promote and set a daily budget for their ads. And for that, they need to create a Sponsored Products campaign. 


How it works is simple! When a buyer searches for relevant keywords or browses related products on Amazon, the Sponsored Products ads appear prominently in the search results and product detail pages. That’s how it advertises your products and brings them in front of potential buyers. The best part is that the seller is only charged when a buyer clicks on their ad, making it a performance-driven advertising option.


What’s New with Your Sponsored Products Launches Campaigns on Amazon?

Recently, Amazon has introduced presets for your sponsored product launch campaigns, which you can access from the Amazon Ads console.


What exactly is that?


Let me put it in simple words. As a seller on Amazon, you can advertise your products by launching your Sponsored Products campaigns with the latest introduced preset campaign settings. With these preset campaign settings, you can now have a preset with a targeting strategy, bidding strategy, associated bids, and daily budget. 


Why Should You Use New Preset Campaign Settings?

Being an Amazon seller, you must use this new present campaign setting. It’s extremely beneficial for you in numerous ways.

Why Should You Use New Preset Campaign Settings?

Gives You a List of Eligible Products

With this new feature, you get a list of the most appropriate products for your advertising campaign. It takes into account the sales potential of all your products and provides you with all the campaign settings for those products. 


Expected Benefit: This way, you will know which products are better to invest your spending budget on.


Takes Your Historical Performant Campaigns into Account 


These campaign settings give outcomes by considering the historical performant campaigns you have run for similar products. And not just that, these pre-populated campaign settings provide results based on the products being advertised.


Expected Benefit: This way, the results will have more relevance to your products’ past performance, and so the new campaign will not eradicate the positive outcomes of past campaigns.

Takes the Latest Launched Products into Account

For these campaign settings, there’s a certain eligibility criterion for new and old products. New products that are launched in less than 90 days and products with excess units of more than 90 days of supply are eligible. 


Expected Benefit: Doing so, the new campaign will take the latest launched products into account and will consider the latest sales trend and other relevant factors. As a result, the outcome will be more accurate.

Provides Estimated Performance Information

With these preset campaign settings, you can also obtain estimated performance information for your sponsored product launches. The performance information includes clicks and conversions for each campaign, helping you get insights into how campaigns perform. 


Expected Benefit: The performance information will keep you updated on how each product performs with these new preset campaign settings. Then, you can compare it with your own set campaign and measure the difference.


Why Preset Campaign Settings are Important for You as an Advertiser on Amazon?

As an advertiser on Amazon, this new feature makes your job easier and more results-driven. It’s designed to assist you in finding products with more potential by analyzing the product’s sales potential. And not just that, it also offers a range of campaign settings that are specifically tailored to the product being promoted. This means you can quickly create targeted advertising campaigns without the need for extensive manual adjustments.


As this feature helps you easily set up your campaigns using the provided presets, you have the flexibility to make any necessary edits to fine-tune the settings according to your preferences.


The advantage of launching campaigns with these tailored presets is twofold. Firstly, it allows you to deploy effective and focused advertising efforts, reaching the right audience with less effort. Secondly, it offers a learning opportunity to understand the ideal campaign setup for your specific products. Considering that, you have one major benefit of setting up and managing future campaigns independently: optimizing your advertising strategies for better results.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is the preset campaign settings feature available?

The preset campaign settings feature is available in the United States (North America) and European countries like Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Users in these areas can take advantage of this feature to streamline and optimize their campaigns efficiently.


Who can use the preset campaign settings feature?

The preset campaign settings feature is available for use by both self-service users and sellers. Self-service users are individuals or businesses who independently manage their advertising campaigns without the need for a sales representative or third-party service. On the other hand, sellers refer to individuals or businesses who offer products or services for sale. 


Where do I access it?

You can access the preset campaign settings feature through the Advertising Console.


Wrapping Up

The era of streamlined advertising on Amazon has arrived, and with this blog, you’re well aware to take your Sponsored Products launches to new heights.


This fantastic feature streamlines the process of identifying potential advertising candidates and provides advertisers with a ready-to-use campaign setup that is optimized for their products. With its user-friendly interface and quick setup process, this feature empowers sellers, whether new or experienced, to efficiently manage their campaigns and easily reach their target audience.


It simplifies the advertising process, saves time, and equips advertisers with valuable insights into creating successful campaigns. With all the potential benefits it has to offer, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize budgets, and boost the performance of your campaigns. 


If you want us to handle your Amazon PPC, contact us now and maximize the potential of your Sponsored Products campaigns! We’re here to strategize your campaigns, enabling your products to gain the visibility they deserve for greater success. Happy advertising!


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