Amazon’s Premium Comparison Chart Module with Enhanced Features

Amazon EBC comparison chart module

What’s the Update?

Recently, Amazon has started a confidential beta program for the A+ Content. In this program, Amazon is trying to test the latest comparison chart module with new and enhanced features. The new features include price, review, and add-to-cart buttons. Amazon is planning to launch this feature by the end of the year.



The primary purpose of introducing advanced features to the comparison chart module in A+ content is to shorten the buyers’ purchase journey by providing more information about the comparative products.

Did You Know?

Amazon says A+ content can improve a product’s conversion rate by 5.6%.

Who is Eligible for this Feature?

 Amazon has picked some sellers and has informed them privately about this feature via email. Amazon has asked for cooperation from the selected sellers to beta-test this new feature, following Amazon’s guidelines.


What Do Sellers Have to Do Regarding This New Feature?


As a seller, you don’t have to do anything regarding this new feature; neither you’re required to sign up for this. Amazon has already enrolled you in the beta program. As a result, this new feature has already been updated in your comparison chart module. If you want to check the names of the eligible projects, you can simply go to your A+ Content Manager and see these programs are updated to end with (Experiments).


The only ask Amazon has requested you as a seller is not to make any changes or edits to the projects until October 15, 2023.



The reason why Amazon has restricted you not to making any changes is because Amazon is planning to beta-test this new feature. During this period, Amazon will analyze how this feature is helping buyers and if there’s any change in the buying pattern. 


If Amazon has chosen you for this beta testing, it means you can experience this unique feature even before it’s officially launched for everyone. 


Want to Opt Out of this Pilot Program?

If you do not want to participate in this testing, please reply to the email you received from Amazon.


And as always, our team is always there to help you out with your Amazon related queries. 



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