Amazon’s Generative AI Revolutionizes Product Descriptions for Sellers

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Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is making a real difference in most fields, and Amazon is no exception. 

Now, sellers can take full advantage of new AI capabilities to curate engaging and result-driven product listings so buyers can get what they want.


Amazon announced the new generative AI capabilities at Accelerate 2023, Amazon’s premier annual seller conference.


Previously, it was pretty challenging for Amazon sellers to create engaging and compelling product titles, bullet points, and descriptions. With new generative AI capabilities, sellers can simplify this hectic process that requires many pieces of specific product data. Now, it’s a one-step process!

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What's New?


With the latest advancements in Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI), Amazon is helping its sellers significantly improve the listing creation and management experience. Now, sellers can create more detailed and effective product descriptions, titles, and listing details. And not just that, but they will also be able to list new products more quickly and easily. 


It will also be great for sellers if they revamp their current Amazon listings and enrich them using generative AI. As a result, they will see a significant surge in sales because it affects customers’ purchase decisions.


How Generative AI Works for Creating Compelling Content for Amazon Listings


The generative AI is designed using large language models (LLMs). These LLMs are machine learning models, like smart computer programs that have been trained with a lot of information. They can understand text, translate languages, predict outcomes, make summaries, and create new text. These special abilities are required to curate content for listings on Amazon. 


How to Use Generative AI for Creating Content for Amazon Listings


Using generative AI is extremely easy. Let’s check out.


Step 1: All it takes is to describe the product, highlighting its main features briefly.


Step 2: It will present high-quality content.


Step 3: You can check the content and refine it.


Step 4: Finally, you can submit this content to the Amazon catalog. 


Benefits of Using Generative AI for Curating Listing Content

Benefits of Using Generative AI for Curating Listing Content


There are many benefits of using generative AI when it comes to creating content for your Amazon listings.

  • These new capabilities will list new products faster and easier.
  • They will help sellers create high-quality listings with less effort.
  • The new content will give customers more consistent, complete, and engaging product information.
  • It will help improve the shopping experience.
  • Eventually, it will help increase sales.

Early Feedback on Generative AI

Many sellers have experienced Amazon’s latest  AI offerings in the past few months. The results are excellent, as many sellers have used the same listing content the AI model has created for them. The reason is that they found the content so accurate that it required no changes at all. 


Robert Tekiela, vice president of Amazon Selection and Catalog Systems, shared his opinion about Amazon’s new generative AI models.


"With our new generative AI models, we can infer, improve, and enrich product knowledge at an unprecedented scale and dramatically improve quality, performance, and efficiency. Our models learn to infer product information through the diverse sources of information, latent knowledge, and logical reasoning they learn. For example, they can infer a table is round if specifications list a diameter or infer the collar style of a shirt from its image.”

Wrapping Up: Amazon’s Latest Generative AI Offerings

Simplifying the listing creation process for Amazon sellers using AI is just the beginning of how Amazon wants to help its sellers launch and build a successful business. This represents a significant milestone in the adoption of AI by Amazon. And there’s a lot to come!


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